Makeup Relay Race Ft. David Dobrik & Vlog Squad


  1. Jay W

    Jay WOra fa

    So why is James and Jeff such a f'n mood! It's to bad Jeff isn't into guys forreal I would totally love and live for this couple! 😍😍😍 UGHH JAMES I WANT YOU TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND SO BAD AND IDEK YOU! 🤣😂😭 It's just that James has such a lit personality and he deserves a match! But hey I'm single and I feel i deserve the same 🤷🏽‍♀️ that's just life! All the cool people are single these days 😭😭😭

  2. PrestonPlayz girlfan

    PrestonPlayz girlfanOra fa

    Congrats on 2 on trending 👍👌❤💓💟

  3. Jordan Wagner

    Jordan WagnerOra fa

    Who else love, love, loves James content he’s putting out

  4. sub 2 pewdiepie

    sub 2 pewdiepieOra fa

    oh yeah yeah

  5. Kaitlyn Watson

    Kaitlyn WatsonOra fa

    I’m only one minute into the video and they’ve targeted Jonah 3 times already

  6. Christina Sim

    Christina SimOra fa

    why is David's adsense so low??

  7. Katelyn Kk

    Katelyn KkOra fa

    Oml This Was Amazing

  8. Angela Rigamonti

    Angela RigamontiOra fa

    Me: *sees David, smiles*

  9. Gabby Isn’t ok

    Gabby Isn’t okOra fa

    1:36 heaths face is literally me every single day

  10. vivian garcia

    vivian garciaOra fa

    Jeff is objectively the most attractive person on earth

  11. Lara Rodríguez

    Lara RodríguezOra fa

    Anybody else triggered every five minuts

  12. Skye Stewart

    Skye StewartOra fa

    Anyone else notice that Scott and Alex aren’t there. Wtf. And where’s Liza!?

  13. Kay Avila

    Kay AvilaOra fa

    Literally everyone hating on Jonah 😂

  14. aden abdulla

    aden abdullaOra fa

    Ok but please please please get another video idea for the whole squad because this video made my day

  15. Cassy_ The Potato

    Cassy_ The PotatoOra fa

    Wait where's scott

  16. Cate Peanut

    Cate PeanutOra fa

    who else ships it hard?

  17. Jersey Hildebrandt

    Jersey HildebrandtOra fa

    grayson and james who i only know jeff

  18. Emma Steever

    Emma SteeverOra fa

    Matt's face at 37:36 to 37:43 killed me

  19. Croatian Beast

    Croatian BeastOra fa

    He’s such a weirdo 😂

  20. Hasan Amra

    Hasan AmraOra fa

    Just disliking because of james👀

  21. Caitlin Senior

    Caitlin SeniorOra fa

    James n Jeff

  22. texasgga

    texasggaOra fa


  23. Alexia Garcia

    Alexia GarciaOra fa

    Bro.. I feel like Jeff would go for james👀

  24. Sedona Castro

    Sedona CastroOra fa

    matt is an angel.

  25. Sippin on Straight caffeine

    Sippin on Straight caffeineOra fa

    James is so in love lol

  26. Emma Jerzak

    Emma JerzakOra fa

    0:01 R.i.p all headphones users

  27. The Devil's Mark

    The Devil's MarkOra fa

    Why is Zane lowkey choking james

  28. Sabrina F

    Sabrina FOra fa

    corina...? vlog squad... SINCE WHEN WTF

  29. Shackell Metro

    Shackell MetroOra fa

    Who thinks he s a gey

  30. mumble

    mumbleOra fa

    *looks for vardan*

  31. colincrisp

    colincrispOra fa

    Where does one apply for Sister Sister LLC? I have a finance degree and I'm ready to sister slay!

  32. Jennifer Reyes

    Jennifer ReyesOra fa

    James hugged everyone except Jonah

  33. Christina Kaltsukis

    Christina KaltsukisOra fa

    He didn't hug all

  34. Ava Hyle

    Ava HyleOra fa

    #2 on trending!

  35. Amanda Toce

    Amanda ToceOra fa

    ok jeff makes me sweat and hes not even talking to me

  36. The Mik

    The MikOra fa


  37. marin martinez

    marin martinezOra fa

    jeff is such a flirt i cannot

  38. Zoe NygardASMR

    Zoe NygardASMROra fa

    i literally ship Jeff and James SOOOO HARD! like fr yall are cuuute😍😭

  39. chief 1 redwolf

    chief 1 redwolfOra fa

    For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our lord , Jesus said faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, bible is the number 1 best seller for a reason !!!👣❤️📖📖📖

  40. Andimackandcheese 123

    Andimackandcheese 123Ora fa

    who else keeps rewatching matt and jeff’s parts? 😍✨

  41. John Degefe

    John DegefeOra fa

    I still miss LIZA AND DAVID :(…….

  42. Simone Griffith

    Simone GriffithOra fa

    You need more vids with them !!!!

  43. BPK

    BPKOra fa

    Jeff did not want to say hi sisters 😂😂 he’s too New York to say that shit 💀

  44. Ayeitsme

    AyeitsmeOra fa

    ...when James puts Jeff at the end so he can make sure he looks pretty good for him when they have that one on one haha 😂

  45. Carlii Synclair

    Carlii SynclairOra fa

    Why is Jeff apart of the vlog squad now..? Jw

  46. Jackspedicey 2

    Jackspedicey 2Ora fa

    I literally want Jeff and James to get together so badly oml

  47. Hannah Marie

    Hannah MarieOra fa


  48. Pamela Whiting

    Pamela WhitingOra fa

    The last 10 mins made me feel a certain way 🤣🤣

  49. Jaxon Brooks

    Jaxon BrooksOra fa

    Ugh! The James charles palette was mentioned MULTIPLE TIMES in this video and I'm counting down the SECONDS until I can get it! Two days left!* *Hopefully

  50. Smileynerie Beauty Vlogs

    Smileynerie Beauty VlogsOra fa

    *#2 in trending! 😊*

  51. Vlogs_&_reviews 01

    Vlogs_&_reviews 01Ora fa

    How come he goes from being in love with Grayson to someone u barely know I’m just carious

  52. Raegan Olivia

    Raegan OliviaOra fa

    PLEASE DO A VIDEO WITH MATT!! He was so prepared! 😭💕

  53. Shania Mignott

    Shania MignottOra fa

    *grayson Dolan has left the chat*

  54. Grace Gattuso

    Grace GattusoOra fa

    “Blender ball” 🤣🤣 oh jeff😂😂😂😂

  55. Aubrianna Martinez

    Aubrianna MartinezOra fa

    There needs to be a video with just James and Jeff

  56. Michelle Cervantes

    Michelle CervantesOra fa

    "I just need to blend it" *grabs beauty blender* I died 😂😂

  57. Eva Schmidt

    Eva SchmidtOra fa

    OMG Zane I don't what to tick you lol 😂

  58. Luigina Bracamontes

    Luigina BracamontesOra fa

    Please do a video with only jeff

  59. Celeste Montoya

    Celeste MontoyaOra fa

    i love all of you! this was everything🤩😌

  60. ImNotHereToBeLiked CcB

    ImNotHereToBeLiked CcBOra fa

    I ship James and Jeff fr fr OR MAYBE Matt but ehh idk... Also, Jeff was life lowkey highkey realkey flirting back lol

  61. Karsace

    KarsaceOra fa

    Omg thisss colllab 😍😍😍🤩🤩 I think I just fell in love with jeff three times moreee

  62. Leddy Cervantes

    Leddy CervantesOra fa

    i have so many comments for this video

  63. Min Yoongi

    Min YoongiOra fa

    Imagine Liza like running in screaming "SORRY IM LATE"

  64. Summer S.

    Summer S.Ora fa

    i’m so obsessed with james and jeff

  65. Isabelle G

    Isabelle GOra fa

    that hurted

  66. C10 Fusion

    C10 FusionOra fa

    this is entertaining?

  67. Cileny Valencia

    Cileny ValenciaOra fa

    James and Jeff (couple goals 💗) wouldn't they be so cute together

  68. Karla Rodriguez

    Karla RodriguezOra fa

    It stresses me out how they stop to talk when they’re running out of timeeee

  69. Breanna Kanthak

    Breanna KanthakOra fa

    I love this video 😂❤️

  70. Oliver

    OliverOra fa

    Matt is cute

  71. Angela Perez

    Angela PerezOra fa

    I love love when Jeff and James were together 😂💀 Edit: I WATCH THE WHOLE THING AND I AM DISTURBED 💀

  72. Kayli McClendon

    Kayli McClendonOra fa

    You should do your makeup from the brands that have released astrology makeup based on what your zodiac sign is.

  73. I am So beast

    I am So beastOra fa



    VAL’S WORLDOra fa


  75. Nina Wood

    Nina WoodOra fa

    😂 #WheresAlex Legit though... where he at?

  76. Angel Ramos

    Angel RamosOra fa

    Didnt he come out in a porno

  77. Uni bro corn

    Uni bro cornOra fa


  78. Melissa Arencibia

    Melissa ArencibiaOra fa

    Omg this is literally the best group of people to do the challenge with

  79. Monica Pankratz

    Monica PankratzOra fa

    6:11. No one else here that scream??

  80. Lara Rodríguez

    Lara RodríguezOra fa

    of course david gets the devils number XDXD

  81. Denise Samedy

    Denise SamedyOra fa

    i'm shipping jeff and james so hard right now :) :) :) :)

  82. Sarah J.

    Sarah J.Ora fa

    It took me a good 17 seconds to realize Jeff wasn’t Zane...

  83. Liza Williams

    Liza WilliamsOra fa

    Please watch the documentary The True Cost (on Netflix) about the horrific effects of the fashion industry on the environment and people’s lives. With soooo much influence on people who are likely to buy from these brands that maltreat their foreign workers and pollute their living conditions, you can be a part of this change for the better. You could get people to sign a petition saying they won’t buy from these immoral brands (like Forever 21) until they clean up their act, stop polluting the earth, and treat their workers like real human beings. You could have a MAJOR impact on the world by using your platform for something so important-people’s lives and well being.

  84. Lord Zorsr

    Lord ZorsrOra fa

    14:11, Jonah said that he has 4 mins 21 secs, that’s the length of David’s vlogs. Omg!

  85. Barbra Cancel

    Barbra CancelOra fa

    You’re in love with Jeff and I’m in love with Zane lmao oh James what do we do hahaha

  86. Kayla Miller

    Kayla MillerOra fa

    Omg Jeff and James yesssss.

  87. Denis Galarza

    Denis GalarzaOra fa


  88. Marissa Wojo

    Marissa WojoOra fa

    Corinna came through on this one lmao

  89. Adri

    AdriOra fa


  90. Kiana Cameron

    Kiana CameronOra fa

    Jeff was toootally letting you flirt hardcore and I live for it lmao

  91. LANE S

    LANE SOra fa


  92. someone

    someoneOra fa


  93. Macayla

    MacaylaOra fa

    tfues ex girl 🧐😬

  94. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Vanessa RodriguezOra fa

    why’d james look at jeff when he said ‘each person is gonna have 5 minutes w me ‘ ?

  95. Lynzeep

    LynzeepOra fa

    Everyone's talking about Jeff and James but...Matt is literally the cutest 💕

  96. I couldn’t find a name

    I couldn’t find a nameOra fa

    How is this trending

  97. Erin M

    Erin MOra fa

    Give David a discount code for Sisters Apparel

  98. itsSikirat

    itsSikiratOra fa

    corinna is actually stunning

  99. kelly robinson

    kelly robinsonOra fa

    I've LOVED seeing all of the colabs with the vlog squad!!

  100. Nikita Cannon

    Nikita CannonOra fa

    All wearing James Charles *SISTERS* merch *♡*

  101. Bella

    BellaOra fa

    Where tf is Scott, Todd, and Jason