Turning our House into a Fake Hotel in 72hrs…(ft. Elle Mills)


  1. Conor Castle

    Conor Castle10 giorni fa

    Man am I looking forward to seeing what adventures Yes House 2.0 brings! 😆❤️

  2. Jack Odiorne

    Jack Odiorne12 ore fa

    Had not watched an episode in awhile, finally came back to it and felt like I had never stopped watching. You guys are truly inspirational, will try to watch more often again because It just means so much to me to watch your guys brilliant videos

  3. Kelise Henderson

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  4. Kelise Henderson

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  5. Han Nguyen

    Han Nguyen29 minuti fa

    Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable!

  6. Tyler M23

    Tyler M23Ora fa

    So much money being dumped into a future trash heap

  7. Ahmed Al Atabi

    Ahmed Al Atabi3 ore fa

    I am not tryna throw some shade or anything, but is it only me who noticed that the magician has a hole in his socks.14:54

  8. Rushil Moonesinghe

    Rushil Moonesinghe4 ore fa

    this inspired me to clean my room, this video was dope!

  9. SylviaInSocal

    SylviaInSocal5 ore fa

    Wow your videos always make me cry because of beautiful they are

  10. Jaymez Baxter

    Jaymez Baxter7 ore fa

    Now this, my freinds. This is what I subscribed for. I love you guys.

  11. sV_Memo

    sV_Memo11 ore fa

    I love the we bare bears song they used did anyone notice Lol

  12. Bader Nadhem

    Bader Nadhem12 ore fa

    That house should be a museum love u guys

  13. Bro Fist

    Bro Fist15 ore fa

    You could have called Derin for this. I feel like you totally abandoned him

  14. Lalkaxo

    Lalkaxo15 ore fa

    Pls invite me next time

  15. Brad Yalo

    Brad Yalo16 ore fa

    Rennovation And it's gonna be destroyed. 😕

  16. yodathedeathshadow

    yodathedeathshadow20 ore fa

    That magician needs some new socks lol

  17. Rebecca Smith

    Rebecca Smith21 ora fa

    Anyone know where to get the wall art in the living room that looks like it’s ripping the wall?? Also, that trick where the girl drew what he drew was dope af

  18. Drew Cacciotti

    Drew Cacciotti23 ore fa

    4:15 That's like a Tuesday in spring in Buffalo.

  19. Lokirox1234 SK

    Lokirox1234 SKGiorno fa

    I wish I can hire you guys for my kitchen/house (actually my parents kitchen) the outlook is incredible!!

  20. Rich _ Kingz

    Rich _ KingzGiorno fa

    That hole is the dudes sock kept messing with me

  21. Koray Erten

    Koray ErtenGiorno fa

    5:40 looks like a scene from Breaking Bad 😂

  22. Fernell Ortiz

    Fernell OrtizGiorno fa

    How much money did you spend??

  23. Fernell Ortiz

    Fernell OrtizGiorno fa

    Not the house

  24. Reazzy

    ReazzyGiorno fa

    When did Amar become single ?

  25. Quan Trieu

    Quan TrieuGiorno fa

    Haven't watched in a while, glad I came back in 2019!

  26. Nikki Nguyen

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    1:28 lol

  27. Mick Solo

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  28. pls dont click

    pls dont clickGiorno fa

    wow that magician look ed like he had a lot of fun with such a reactive audience as you guys

  29. walklikearobot

    walklikearobotGiorno fa

    wait so you guys don't all live together anymore? ):

  30. Blake // Desse // Level Designer

    Blake // Desse // Level DesignerGiorno fa

    dudes toes through his socks at 14:45 really throw me off

  31. Gijs de Wolf

    Gijs de WolfGiorno fa

    Will we ever see Derin again?

  32. Jack O'Call

    Jack O'CallGiorno fa

    Anyone else notice the hole in the magicians left sock?

  33. the big kid

    the big kidGiorno fa

    damn whos cutting onions

  34. Jolly Knight

    Jolly KnightGiorno fa

    Hotel or MOtel??

  35. DOU DOU

    DOU DOU2 giorni fa

    fire festival in 9 dayss one piece

  36. YesImNoah

    YesImNoah2 giorni fa

    What was going on at 15:42 😂?

  37. iIlluminumoo confirmed

    iIlluminumoo confirmed2 giorni fa

    I don't see why people are sad about them losing their house. It means they can find something that better suits them for the future.

  38. Boris Kostadinov

    Boris Kostadinov2 giorni fa

    I saw the "ДА" on the wall which nationality is the person who wrote it? Bulgarian, Russian who is he :D

  39. Kozmik Rage-X

    Kozmik Rage-X2 giorni fa

    Who else had the postmates ad

  40. Zad Noor

    Zad Noor2 giorni fa

    You assholes, I paid the first online subscription online, for skillshare. The payment was automatic after the first month free subscription, thanks to you.

  41. Alexander Gerick

    Alexander Gerick2 giorni fa

    Guys you are the best! Greetings from Germany

  42. Filiplayz

    Filiplayz2 giorni fa

    All the *OG* fans will remember this house in their hearts ❤

  43. Litch 10

    Litch 102 giorni fa

    Can I come join the Yes Theory family? Never been more serious.

  44. Marianne Johnson

    Marianne Johnson2 giorni fa

    Rando dream last night...and it’s STUCK in my head!! In the dream you hired my husband and his team to come up with a few years worth of creative video ideas where they would get in touch with all the appropriate people/places to get permits and permission...etc. It was the first meeting we all had together and for some reason my daughter was there. She raised her hand to give her video idea. she said something like “I think you should try to make a video that receives no thumbs down or negative comments” ? The room was quiet and nothing really happened after that before I woke up...and honestly..I don’t even remember seeing faces besides my husband and my daughter but it was so out of nowhere. I did watch a few videos yesterday but one was Vet Ranch, one was a FBE reaction video and the other was Hot Ones (the episode with Gordon Ramsey..ha!) So random. Can you imagine though? What would a video have to be about to receive no hate or thumbs down? Sadly....in this world....I can’t imagine that happening. My guess is that people would be argumentative just for the sake of...well...being argumentative. Ok...hopefully my brain will now move on to other things.

  45. Paul Matthew Media

    Paul Matthew Media3 giorni fa

    Last meal? So no continental breakfast?

  46. Izzy Woods

    Izzy Woods3 giorni fa

    I got really excited that they got sponsored by Honey. Its soooo amazing for an online shopper like myself

  47. Fogggy

    Fogggy3 giorni fa

    probably cut your life span in half with all that spray paint, its also super bad for the environment, good job yes theory!

  48. billy ray

    billy ray3 giorni fa

    awesome transformations in the rooms, your architect did an amazing job

  49. kidblood1

    kidblood13 giorni fa

    hEY nOW Magic man has some killer socks

  50. Spicymangoz

    Spicymangoz3 giorni fa

    Oh no she’s gonna have a breakdown from the stalling

  51. Marvin Onuoha

    Marvin Onuoha3 giorni fa

    This is so beautiful!

  52. Pvrfect

    Pvrfect3 giorni fa

    anyone else hear yellow days in a little while in the back at 5:38

  53. Lance Dragos

    Lance Dragos3 giorni fa

    “i’m a very chill nigga” 5:28

  54. Sam Marr

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  55. J3R1 X

    J3R1 X3 giorni fa

    9:45 i lost it when he said "hotel yes" Then when they opened the door he said "yes hotel"

  56. alphawolf Shadow

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  57. So Random

    So Random3 giorni fa

    Yes Theory using their friends to clean up their mess. Just kidding, youre awesome :D

  58. alex Criddle

    alex Criddle3 giorni fa

    Pewdipie really more popular than these legends!?

  59. Lydia Arguello

    Lydia Arguello3 giorni fa

    Hey yes theory! So it’s my best friends 22nd birthday on Tuesday. And we’ll be in Venice on Monday the 21st. She’s said she’ll never go up in a hot air ballon. But what do you say we try and get her out of her comfort zone? You in?

  60. Whats That?

    Whats That?3 giorni fa

    Dear Yes Theory, I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Joseph. I live in San Diego and am married with a son. Back in September my twin brother passed away after falling off a roof at his job. Ever since he passed it has been very difficult. I've been going through anxiety and obviously grief. My anxiety came from when I left the military and got worse after my brothers passing. I was hoping I could spend a day with you guys to let go of everything and just be filled with joy for a day. You guys are truly inspirational and I can't wait to see more videos.

  61. Tucker Pearce

    Tucker Pearce3 giorni fa

    Awesome video guys, looking forward to the new YesTheory house...

  62. Joanna Lee

    Joanna Lee4 giorni fa

    me while I'm watching this video: 'wait isn't the house going to be demolished after they do all this hard work to make a luxury hotel??' #doitforthrecontentiguess

  63. Caro Vlogs

    Caro Vlogs4 giorni fa

    Okay but my favorite part was when Thomas referenced the rain to Frye Festival.

  64. Imanol Heikki Cruz Romo

    Imanol Heikki Cruz Romo4 giorni fa

    Sorry but did i hear yellow days- a little at 5:41 omg💖

  65. nrnei

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    didn’t she just have a breakdown?

  66. Jemel Negron

    Jemel Negron4 giorni fa

    I am so in love with this :)

  67. Lulu Daniels

    Lulu Daniels4 giorni fa

    I comment on every video because I believe so strongly in your guys message! Much love can’t wait to see what you guys have planned next!!!❤️❤️❤️

  68. Camila Isabel

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  69. Kellie Martinez

    Kellie Martinez4 giorni fa

    First of all, I'm scared. I was seeing and doing research of the Fyre Festival about 3-4 days ago and then you say this 4:25 . I've never heard of it until I started watching the docu on it on Netflix. Second, do you guys need an assistant? I don't have anything to do on Thursdays-Sundays, I go to school Monday and Wednesdays, so.. if you guys need any help I volunteer as tribute .-.

  70. Maria John

    Maria John4 giorni fa

    This was insane!!

  71. Texas-sized-squidward

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    This is my girlfrind DENISE HI IM DENISE

  72. flydamage kayks

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    You guys did an amazing job this was brilliant keep the good job guys always inspiring 💕💕💕💕

  73. maria krismer

    maria krismer4 giorni fa

    "hotel yes" sounds like the place u would wanna propose to ur girlfriend xD

  74. Marissa Kovac

    Marissa Kovac4 giorni fa

    I got THE best vibes at the closing of the video like 16:20 - 16:55 I’m gonna go do something w myself

  75. 1 Hour on Music

    1 Hour on Music4 giorni fa

    i wanna go there lol

  76. 司此雷

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    What about the 200,000 dollars art?

  77. junaid ali

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    Code 72hrs in the item shop guyz

  78. Lafeo 007

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    How do they pull it off like within the last 3 hours crazzy! I aaaammm excited for Yes Theory even more now!

  79. Lafeo 007

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    What about those wall arts?

  80. Kaylin G

    Kaylin G4 giorni fa

    Great Video 👌🏼

  81. Macy McComiskie

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    I watched a fortnite ad. On this video. Because I care.

  82. Abigail DorisMae

    Abigail DorisMae4 giorni fa

    "let the fyre festival begin"

  83. Kameko Miyamora

    Kameko Miyamora4 giorni fa

    It may seem like a waste of effort, but they got to try and build something new, had fun, and made a lot of new memories....and of course they made a video for us as well ;)

  84. Sheavon Donaldson

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    Go check out the "rippleclips" and subscribe. I love your videos, keep making my days. With love from Jamaica

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    Best ITreporter Channel ever

  87. Project 2

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    One Day me and my friend would like to help people out kinda like Yes Theory. We both have a dream of going out to help people dreams come closer of being true Plz subscribe to us to help our dreams come true of helping people🙏🏻

  88. JD Style's

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    Chapter one ended Moving on to chapter two

  89. Angel Christy Anton

    Angel Christy Anton5 giorni fa

    Was watching the episode when Ammar got dropped off in Slovakia. A crazy thought came to me to challenge you, Yes Theory, to do that same kind of video, but this time to drop someone off in another continent. I think that it is an impossible challenge, but would super hilarious.

  90. Paul Berber

    Paul Berber5 giorni fa

    Dare: you to convince a random person to take a ride in a jet (Blue Angels if possible). One of my bucket list dos, and i would love to see others reaction to the experience! Hope this makes it to you all fellas and keep up the awesome content!

  91. Lars

    Lars5 giorni fa

    Nice video BUT i have the feeling Yes Theory is losing inspiration and drifting off its initial statement like ''seek discomfort'' etc. And this video is a great example, its just video where a bunch of guys and gals do crazy (expensive) things for views without a real genuine message. Im afraid this channel is turning into a spondered profit company machine, which is fair in return for great content and it is great content... but nothing like before. im sorry! still love you all though

  92. SniperXD1237

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    They should just start their own buisness geez

  93. Phrankeee

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    I wish you'd come to Boston so I can participate in crap

  94. pohmakas33

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    what a great channel... i should have been studying for my exam, but i discovered you guys and spent the last 4 hours watching your shit... love you fellas... rock on

  95. Quinton Boyer

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    I have the same bed frame from 6:32 lol

  96. Anas Osman

    Anas Osman5 giorni fa

    instead of yes table,why not call it yestaurant

  97. Jaan Koort

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    You have to come to Estonia. You cant turn this down. You have to say yes. So come. Bye

  98. Pretty Prudent

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    if any of you guys are gay, please pursue that instead of dating/marrying women.

  99. Andrej Nikolov

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    Can you guys sneak in a castle?

  100. rafa ribeiro

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    If you would like to see yes theory in two new years eve parties in the same year, one in japan and the other one in Califórnia, crossing the international date line, give a thumbs up👍👍👍

  101. rafa ribeiro

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    So they can see it

  102. General Viss

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    go to lebanon its a very beautiful country and there are so nice people , good food too

  103. Shivam Motani

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    New year, new challenges and and a new house. It's gonna be a whole lot of fun.

  104. cowlufoo2

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    Have they said why the house is being torn down?